Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)
Escala & Dimensões
1/8  H=240mm (9.36in, 1:1=1.92m)
Data de lançamento
04/08/2021 As Limited + Exclusive
Japonês36,612 hits • 220 comentários161 favoritos



Orders via Premium Bandai, Megatrea Shop and AmiAmi can be placed from the 17th January 2020 at 13:00JST until early March 2020.


wow i didn’t think i was ever gonna get this girl — missed this preorder and all. i hate nippon yasan but i checked there and she’s on there for 16k yen! i had NY store credit for 16k yen that i got when my chi figure got cancelled SOOO i ordered her off there! shipping was absurd — $80 for UPS express but that was all i paid for her. $80! hopefully NY ships her out promptly.

very happy rn.
há 4 horas
sold out everywhere rip me
há 7 horas
Not a Rem fan, but this figure's so adorable. I wonder if I should grab her.
há 9 horas
Megahouse posted her on instagram! She’s so much prettier than in the product pictures ;—; can’t wait to get mine finally
há 11 horas
Glad that I pre-ordered this figure, it is gorgeous
há 12 horas
I wonder with the long delay and popularity, what would be the aftermarket price of this figure?
há 20 horas
I almost didn't order this, glad I did buy this figure. The quality is impeccable, as expected from Alpha x Omega. There are a lot of Rem out there, but I have trouble finding a high quality one for the normal outfit. I still really like GSC Demon version (I think GSC have the best Demon version), but this Rem is the best for the normal cute maid outfit. Paint is perfect, no out of line paints, which is what I usually find in other companies. Most companies have trouble painting her headband cleanly, but this Rem is perfect.
há 21 horas
Just got her today and she is easily up there with the Estream and GSC Rem figures. So cute and dynamic, what makes it exceptionally better is the fact that you can display her as a neko or her regular self. Superb.
há 23 horas
no rem figure compares to this one, the only one i can say is better is the one by estream.
1 dia atrás
GSLinux Love coding, video & figures!
I love this figure. Simply flawless in sculpting, color and final quality.
Definitely top quality.
1 dia atrás
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