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Touhou Project - Flandre Scarlet (Liquid Stone)
Escala & Dimensões
H=140mm (5.46in)
Data de lançamento
2008 As Standard
Japonês14,905 hits • 14 comentários5 favoritos




Probably the closest we'll EVER get to a Flandre Figma... If only it would happen...
2 anos atrás
Her and Remilia popped up on Mandarake not too long ago and I'm sad I didn't have money at the time!
6 anos atrás
10 anos atrás
Figgutto would be awesome <3
10 anos atrás
crossing my fingers for a pvc release at amiami
10 anos atrás
HADO¥18000? Are they insane?
this figure is made in Cold Cast technique

and is expensive also the figure was very limited
in production hence the cost

i have great hope in figguto line bring at least 9 touhou characters

being flan one of them
10 anos atrás
this is really kill me D:
10 anos atrás
¥18000? Are they insane?
10 anos atrás
Saw this on sale in Tokyo in July, they wanted a stupid amount of money for it, I declined and ended up picking a Flandre Plushie instead lol
10 anos atrás
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