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Jesus only 2 new malem figures announced. Sad day.
5 meses atrás
5 meses atrás
Oh yes! I was hoping that another company than Alter would make a Merlin, this looks great so far!
5 meses atrás
The ONLY reason I would choose Alter's is for space alone, the pose is dope tho
5 meses atrás
I saw this uploaded with a "New Project" sign that said smth along the lines of a new series of small but high quality figures O _ O!!! we'll see, but this is a pleasant surprise!!
5 meses atrás
Get ready to drop ¥10000 yen on that staff alone lol.
5 meses atrás
Me:My day is saved.I love you!

Merlin: Aburakadabura!
5 meses atrás
Welp, already have the Alter one ordered but I can't say no to best boy. Aniplex you got me. Let's just hope the paint job turns out decent!
5 meses atrás
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