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I like her! I think this is a Chinese company, does anyone know if this will be available on the usual JP sites?
3 dias atrás
oh Apex said her price is gonna be 839 yaun and a ?different version? will be 869 yaun, so only like $124, ill probably be preordering her especially with a light up base O.O

source: h.bilibili.com/... no wink face
h.bilibili.com/... winking face
3 dias atrás
Jheila Completely helpless
Sarahsan4 dias atrás#83257633For anyone who hasn't seen the video preview: www.bilibili.co...
She looks better color wise in the video, and two faces hmm?
3 dias atrás
Somehow, I see her sitting on the shelf next to:
ITEM #872716
4 dias atrás
RainbowMint4 dias atrás#83257632I'd get her if she's cheap though (which sh won't be lol)hahahaha xD
4 dias atrás
For anyone who hasn't seen the video preview: www.bilibili.co...
4 dias atrás
I like how her face and hair turned out but she looks so, so muted. The starry lights under her skirt in the art gave the whole thing a neon light look, but it just didn't transfer over well to the figure at all. I'd get her if she's cheap though (which sh won't be lol)
4 dias atrás
im not ready for the price its going to be apeshit
4 dias atrás
TBH the light up base is what has me interested in picking this up. Basically looks like a lamp lol
5 dias atrás
just like a lot of other people said, her colors feel really dull and the proportion of her torso is off
5 dias atrás
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