Comentários Naruto Shippuuden - Uchiha Itachi - X-tra - 1/10 (Tsume)

  • I'm selling this figure, genuine not bootleg. Can provide pictures. PM me and maybe we can work some deal out!
    há 17 horas
    Looking to sell pm if interested, looking to sell for 130 obo.
    2 meses atrás
    Selling him! PM if interested! And I can also include pics!! Can't make an ad for it yet since I have to wait another week ;-; SOLD
    4 meses atrás
    Really interested in purchasing this, please PM me if you have it!
    7 meses atrás
    Selling mine 35€
    PM me if interested
    10 meses atrás
    Selling at low price.
    Opened but like New.
    Pm me for details.
    Only in the EU.
    1 ano atrás
    In stock @ Ningen Life
    Be Happy (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
    ➜ We have free shipping in U.S.
    Order Here
    Selling pm if intrested
    2 anos atrás
    Selling unopened version in US for $100 plus shipping. PM me to negotiate and for further details.
    2 anos atrás
    Selling mine PM me
    2 anos atrás
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