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May 2014 Loot

About this picture

It been.. 5 months since my last update, seriously?
I have taken pics every month but been too lazy to edit and upload them here.

And one of the reasons I didn't want to upload this loot pic was that fail with the Makai Ouji manga. I didn't notice I had put it upside down until and went through the pics later on my laptop. And I had cleaned up everything already to I couldn't retake the photo =__=u I think the same happened to me once with a Bleach manga.

My favorites from this loot are the rubber straps, Kurobas one coins and MSP Law.
I regret ordering the Blood Lad ribbon 'cause the color turned out too orange >__<

I also included me and my friend's Candysan loot! I really loved pocky (especially the Fran ones) and umaibo! Melonpan wasn't as good as the ones I ate in Japan tho.

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