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June 2014 Loot

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June was so goooood >///w///<

So many awesome figs, rubber straps, Youji plush, Utapri Noritake mug, Kamiaso and AnE books!! I could list them all!
I also must thank my friend LUCY4 once again for selling her Finder vol.3 to me, now my collection is finally complete ; u ;

Got some rubber strap guards too and I wrote a review about them. Here's the blog/15600&amp;... in case someone is interested and missed it earlier!

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drowranger (5 anos atrás) #2381967Wow, so many goodies! :D
More than enough for 1 month ^^;
5 anos atrás
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Wow, so many goodies! :D
5 anos atrás
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