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Sader: The Origin.
4 anos atrás
Here's what happened:
"Hey Bob, are you almost done?"
"Yeah, I just need to finish the face"
"Well hurry up, Bob, we're gonna get caught!"
"Oh right, better make this quick!"
draws on face in 12 seconds
"Bob, the cops are coming!"
"Its ok, I'm done!
Gets out in time
"Hey Bob, can i see the figure?"
"yea sure here it is"
Shows figure
"Wow Bob, this looks so genuine, no one would tell the difference!We're gonna be rich!"
At a toy store
"Hey mommy, look, I don;t think this is right. They should've named it Saber: Constipated Face Ver.!"
5 anos atrás
These bootleggers are ahead of the time. They made a bootleg years before the scene even happened, I'm impressed. "Saber choked ver."
5 anos atrás
This thing is just creepy. The hell is she holding?
5 anos atrás
Official anime merchandise

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