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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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I did this a lot later than I wanted to as life won't give me a break, but looking back at everything I bought just reminded me how happy I was when I received them all. Namely;

1; ITEM #10951 Not buying this for $20 when it was first released was my biggest regret as her price skyrocketed to $150-200 soon after. The re-release was a life money saver.

2; ITEM #220994 ITEM #220989 I ended up re-watching their arc and was reminded how much I loved & obsessed over them yeeeaaarrrsss ago. And then I ended up with a mini Akatsuki Collection!

3; ITEM #205893 ITEM #205892 My love for these two is infinite. I've been searching for sleeves for my YGO cards forever and had no doubt these were the ones <3

Now to 2015!

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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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