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Mi Levi collection

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Which levi is the best figure for you?
4 anos atrás
Haha my housemate has a collection almost just like this - she's missing 2 or 3 of those figures but has a couple Levi figs that you don't. Unfortunately my Levi collection isn't quite so grand yet. Looks like she has competition!
5 anos atrás
Wooow !! Levi everywhere !!! <3
Beautiful collection !!!
5 anos atrás
They better be clean every time or else...

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5 anos atrás
mintea5 anos atrás#2947589I like your shelving(?) unit thing... Where did you get it?

Thanks. My father did it =)
5 anos atrás
A truly beautiful Heichou shrine. Looks neat and clean too.
5 anos atrás
I like your shelving(?) unit thing... Where did you get it?
5 anos atrás
Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Very nice set up!
5 anos atrás
Very nice!!
5 anos atrás
My ideal heichou shrine <3

I hope one day to be able to get as much Heichou in my life as you lol
5 anos atrás