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    Aug 02, 2015

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My NS room :3

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Wow... this is amazing :o
3 anos atrás
Thank you all for your amazing comments <3 I really appreciate it :)
I don't believe my picture it's on the front page, it's so weird XD
5 anos atrás
Kitah5 anos atrás#3260486Absolutely amazing!
I must ask, how did you your wall? :O

Thanks Kitah san :) I use paintbrushes and ink and a lot of patience XD
5 anos atrás
i have friends who would probably go nuts over your room lol. it looks cool.
5 anos atrás
Best room ever!
5 anos atrás
Wow, amazing! I love the painting on the walls!
5 anos atrás
FL45H89 It happens to you.
you paint the walls?
5 anos atrás
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Wow, that dedication and love. Color me (Orange) impressed.
5 anos atrás
You are a true fan.
5 anos atrás
Nice. Did you paint the wall yourself or commission someone to do it?
5 anos atrás