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zettai_ryouiki blond_hair fangs cat_ears pink_top school_uniform thighhighs scribble_eyes armour white_shirt purple_skirt beauty_mark nyan_nyan long_hair nendoroid blue_hair green_eyes purple_hair red_ribbon nendoroid_exclusive angry_face cow_lick playful

About this picture

The title reflects the first two letters of each of the characters' names in the lineup from left (our left) to right.

Obviously I am not about to keep my Nendoroids inside their boxes, even though they are hard to find these days sealed. I just know how much I want to display them and play with them (both are appealing to me)! Shame Saber doesn't sit well and that Konata is the same as the rest of her versions - i.e: she isn't really made that well and doesn't act like she should (unlike most Nendoroids).

Anyway, there they are - having 82 Nendoroids sure makes me want to take over the world! ^____^;

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