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    Mar 15, 2016

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Absolutely beautiful collection!! ♥ I am so happy that best girl has so many dedicated collectors around the world, because she obviously deserves it more than anyone else~
4 anos atrás
Noel-chan4 anos atrás#7379073Nice Umi collection! Happy Birthday Umiii! <3 Thanks!! The best part of it is that I got to celebrate it two days in a row due to living in the West~!
4 anos atrás
redumbrella4 anos atrás#7436837Wow Umi is obviously your fave! Really cool! :-) Yes... Yes she is~ But I really do love all the µ's members and their seiyus~
4 anos atrás
Amenya4 anos atrás#7438844Hey, do you like Love Live?
Just a little~ Can you tell? XDD
4 anos atrás
katsudon4 anos atrás#7439708The dedication to the waifu is real, mad respect
Thank you!
4 anos atrás
magda4 anos atrás#7439616FOUR nendoroids of your best girl I'm ... speechless ...

I count 6. 2 on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shelves.
4 anos atrás
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
The dedication to the waifu is real, mad respect
4 anos atrás
FOUR nendoroids of your best girl I'm ... speechless ...
4 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Umi-chan! I love this!
4 anos atrás
pochinyan4 anos atrás#7409114the waifu altar level is strong in this pic

I tought exactly the same xD
4 anos atrás
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