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    Feb 03, 2011

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"Y-Yes, I sleep with him every night. I-Is there a problem?"

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You made me want this Nendoroid by posting this picture!
9 anos atrás
No problem at all XP
9 anos atrás
Mommy Hinagiku? XD
9 anos atrás
All of a sudden , "I sleep with him every night" takes on a different meaning after you consider her belly...
9 anos atrás
Haha. So cute!
9 anos atrás
wow this one is epic!
9 anos atrás
Cute shot ^^! lol, looking at it after reading those comments she does have a bit of a belly there xP
9 anos atrás
mangasus90haha this one is so cute ^__^. But why to me she looks like a pregnant wife lol
I didn't think of it at the time, but I see what you mean; Hinagiku's second secret... XD
9 anos atrás
MikuruBeamwow, where did you get the little nendo sofa?
I got it from a hobby store where they sell dollhouse accessories; it appeared to be just about the same scale as a nendoroid, so I bought some props.
Nice that this became POTD btw... ^_^
9 anos atrás
9 anos atrás
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