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nendoroid_plus orange_rouge acrylic_keychain yuri!!!_on_ice katsuki_yuuri animejapan_2017 nendoroid_plus_dress_up_acrylic_key_ring machi★asobi_vol.18 victor_nikiforov makkachin empty keyholder acrylic_charm chara-forme narutake_yuki big_acrylic_keychain yuri_plisetsky bell_house pukasshu hagoromo mini_cushion mappa double-sided_keychain twin_face_mini_cushion_keychain azu_maker petit_colle!

About this picture

The two keychains in History Maker outfits are Petit Colle! acrylic keychains by Azu Maker. They’re LOVELY with bright colors, and they’re super big and tough and high quality.

The Yuuri in the Stammi outfit and the Victor in the Eros outfit are Nendoroid Plus Dress Up Acrylic Key Rings! This is a new product line they’ve started with YOI! You can swap their clothes, and as you can see I’ve done just that. The art is super cute.

The acrylic keychains in the middle of Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio are Bellhouse’s Pukasshu line. They’re cute and the art style is not like any I’ve seen for the series before this.

The Twin Face Mini Cushions are by Hagoromo. They’re chibi versions of the school calendar art. The other side is chibi version of the blushing versions of that art. Really cute and squishy little pillows.

Lastly, the onsen keychain is a Chara-Forme big acrylic keychain by Empty. All of the YOI chara-forme stuff has been great and this is no exception.

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