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Claymore (manga)

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Claymore (Yagi Norihiro)
volume: 1 - 27 / complete serie
language: english (VIZ Media)

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Sheinord (10 meses atrás) #28573910wow, nice collection !DreadedSwordsman (10 meses atrás) #28569265Yes! a fellow claymore fan, I have the box set. Such a great underrated series.

Thank you. I'm collecting manga since 2007. :) And I really love Claymore series despite the fact I'm more into seinen than shounen manga. :D I saw the collector box from VIZ Media on pictures. It looks so great! And there is even artbook. Oh my, I wish I could have it. :D But I collected this serie one by one volume for years so I don't like the idea of selling it just for buy the collector box. :D I moved into new house recently so I have new big room for my manga and other stuff. I will add some other pictures soon right after I make order in my stuff. :D
10 meses atrás
wow, nice collection !
10 meses atrás