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    Apr 16, 2011

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An update about my Asuka's collection ^^
I included only figures in this shot, so no gadgets, books & other kind of stuff ^^

Hope you'll like it ^^

Update: ops! I forgot to include this ITEM #22244 and this ITEM #32949 in my photoshot! sorry :P

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fishjoke Master of the Ways
You are a maniac! ^.^
5 meses atrás
goals but with rei
4 anos atrás
wahhhh! so cool! ;o;!
7 anos atrás
im an asuka's fan too!! i honestly envy you!!! congrats!
8 anos atrás
Oh my!! I love Asuka! Your collection is amazing!
8 anos atrás
Wow! Awesome Collection =) I Love her as well but don't got even nearly as many :P
9 anos atrás
negativezero Making Room
awesome picture
9 anos atrás
This is truly amazing!
9 anos atrás
I am so jealous!
Awesome collection!
Good work!!
9 anos atrás
-otaku-Your collection needs Pinky:st version ;)
Uhm... it could be a nice idea!! XD Thank you!!
anime247This is just a wild guess, but I think you like Asuka Langley. XD
How did you understand that?? XD
Thank you!!!
totoro10wow you very like asuka,nice asuka figures!!
Oh yes... I like her so much ^^ Thanks a lot ^^
kimaruOMG! O_O
Ashlottelulz Mastra! I knew you liked her but I didn't know you liked her THAT much. :p
Ahahah... are you surprised? Don't worry!
I've purchased some more since I took this pic... and more are on the way XD
9 anos atrás
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