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About this picture

Handmade diorama setup, shot outdoors under a shade making use of real sunlight. The bike on the left is a 1/8 scale Yamaha TY125 model kit by Heller, custom painted to match Tohsaka Rin.

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Nice shot and set
1 ano atrás
very nice pic! congratz
1 ano atrás
the color matching is on point! :)
1 ano atrás
This makes photographers and anime lovers very happy.
1 ano atrás
Killer photo. Definitely shows how much i need to improve! Keep up the wonderful work!
1 ano atrás
1 ano atrás
this diorama is awesome.
1 ano atrás
watermark on bike, subtle. Nice
1 ano atrás
Wow, this is beautiful! Love the lighting.
1 ano atrás
Great to see Rin as part of a POTD :) And it's a super well done picture too!
1 ano atrás
PVC anime figure store.

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