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melancholy nightmares

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(Creaking and cracking of the walls shuddered through the night. The roswaal mansion maids, confused and scared, stuck together to find out the noise. A feeling of uncertainty came upon the twin demons, a curse upon the world so strong even Rem fell to her knees next to her collapsed sister. When they realized what foe bestow them....it was too late. It was one of the most vile creatures they have ever seen. The mouth breathing extremist fanboys. Donning their Fedoras and neckbeards, a looming shadow of their fedoras overhung them as they tilted their fedoras and said "Mmlady"

This is too much even for a Demon....this is fear itself)
I hope everyone enjoyed this release <3 As getting Rem and Ram from Revolve, they seem so terrified and helpless that I wanted to make a interesting little scene that felt deep in thought and emotion but a ridiculous situation.

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