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    Oct 08, 2019
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    Oct 06, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019
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    Oct 2019

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When Monday comes ......

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Poor miku we must free her
7 meses atrás
Office Miku listening to vocaloids while filing papers
8 meses atrás
I feel you Miku...sometimes it seems like work is never over... Amazing picture<3
8 meses atrás
Awww. Poor Miku looks dead inside! Work will be over soon, Miku! <3
8 meses atrás
Just don't look at that clock Miku.
8 meses atrás
Slice of life, perfect.
8 meses atrás
That's kind of like every day in an office environment!
8 meses atrás
It seems that an Idol paycheck isn't what it used to be.
8 meses atrás
8 meses atrás
Ugh this was totally me that past Monday.

No amount of tea or coffee could revive anyone for Mondays....
8 meses atrás