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    Sep 08, 2011

About this picture

a family photo of all the girls in the anime, but some of them are not taking it seriously enough...

more about figma Strength on my blog: chwan79.blogspo...
Dead Master: chwan79.blogspo...
Black Gold Saw: chwan79.blogspo...
Mato & Yomi: chwan79.blogspo...

bg thx to: chikyuza.seesaa...

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Nicely done ! ^^
8 anos atrás
An arrangement like a graduation picture! Very nice shot. ^__^
9 anos atrás
ShenWongit'll be wonderful if I also have classmates like this XD
are u sure? nearly all of them have weird personalities^^
9 anos atrás
omg lol xD
9 anos atrás
it'll be wonderful if I also have classmates like this XD
9 anos atrás
Very nice set up. You make me want to get the school uniform versions.
9 anos atrás
Damn I so damn want all....less the normal version XD
9 anos atrás
haha, Dead Master looks great.
9 anos atrás
figmaKailolololol nice mang use Nokia n8?
u mean my camera? i am using a Canon
9 anos atrás
lolololol nice mang use Nokia n8?
9 anos atrás