gcgc8 anos atrás
megahouse queen's_blade risty mohio tsukasa_jun

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first time i ever went outside with my figures to take pictures

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How is she standing without her base? Looks amazing
2 anos atrás
leitan can (not) advance
perfect for this figure. you did a really good job on the color editing, it really sets the atmosphere.
8 anos atrás
thanks everyone :)
8 anos atrás
wow this is a great shot!
8 anos atrás
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
8 anos atrás
I would love a bigger version for a wallaper :)
8 anos atrás
Awesome photo!!! Risty is very photogenic, and she usually looks awesome outside.
8 anos atrás
Awesome quality picture !
lot of details, colors are deep and well exposed :)
8 anos atrás
Great picture!

She is the last remaining i have to get of the Megahouse Queen's Blade figurine.
8 anos atrás
Wonderful! Love the set-up.
8 anos atrás
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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