Ultimate Saber Shrine!Chan/

FlareFlare10 anos atrás
saber collection night stay stay/night

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Not mine, unfortunately. I think this guy likes Saber a little XD
Found on www.sankakucomp...

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Are you a fan of Saber?
5 anos atrás
6 anos atrás
a perfect collection saber O_O
7 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
Also, jealous of the Dollfie Saber.
8 anos atrás
i counted 86...... holy shit!!
8 anos atrás
The amount of Sabers in this pic is too damn high!
8 anos atrás
You know you're a hardcore fan when you even buy the terrible figures of a certain character. I love Saber as much as anyone else, but I wouldn't dare having the very poorly sculpted, or poorly made figures of her in my collection.
8 anos atrás

I have been blown away by seeing so many Saber Figurines.

8 anos atrás
bomhat because I'm batman
thats hard-core, yo
9 anos atrás