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    Aug 06, 2012

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An army of Popuras. Where is your god now? XD
3 anos atrás
An army of popura chan is sooooooooo cute XD
7 anos atrás
AHH SO cute!!!!
8 anos atrás
FujisakiKun8 anos atrás#1072395No, this is Patrick +1 LOL
8 anos atrás
kasuku8 anos atrás#1072287This is SPARTA, i mean POPURA!!!

No, this is Patrick
8 anos atrás
My favorite POTD in a while! Good job!
8 anos atrás
This is SPARTA, i mean POPURA!!!
8 anos atrás
LOL! Attack of the killer Popuras!
8 anos atrás
Война началась).
8 anos atrás
It's like in the opening video LOL
8 anos atrás