AsakoAsako8 anos atrás
volks slayers misaki_serika charagumin lina_inverse

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She's quite nice. Not as great as I had expected, but still a very nice figure all the same. I'm happy with her.

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Asako7 anos atrás#1352753e2046, the only real choice for prepainted GKs.

Oh, that's the store name! Thanks!
7 anos atrás
Actually pretty nice for a bootleg, considering the quality of some Slayers figures. Where did you get her?
7 anos atrás
Asako Om nom nom
Mia8 anos atrás#1133000it`s e2046? not original from Volks

Yes, it is. I had her labelled as a bootleg, no idea why it was relabelled kits and customs. I certainly did not build or paint her.
8 anos atrás
it`s e2046? not original from Volks
8 anos atrás
really nice Lina figure ^^
8 anos atrás
Japan Hobby Store

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