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Current denpa onna collection :)
got a lot of rearranging to do in my glass cabinet XD

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Sooooooooo much blueeeeeeeeee *____________* Best character collection easily!
7 anos atrás
mr_sametaste8 anos atrás#1119696Awesome collection! :D
thanks dooob! :D
8 anos atrás
Awesome collection! :D
8 anos atrás
khatt8 anos atrás#1115917Great collection!
thanks khatt ^^
8 anos atrás
Pedropinilla8 anos atrás#1116022Woah! That's what I call a Pro! ^^
And so much cuteness should be prohibited you know, you could die of a heart-attack xD
Excellent collection, allow me to congratulate you, you deserve it!
Thanks for sharing~

Thank you Pedropinilla! :D i know yeah - once i find myself looking at them i can't look away! too much adorableness! XD
8 anos atrás
mikki-malu8 anos atrás#1116094Sweet blue collection :) Koto's girl is the best imo.
blue is my favorite colour! :) the koto one is very cute! Still haven't decided on a favorite erio XD
8 anos atrás
Nickienator8 anos atrás#1115716You have good taste.

hehe thanks Nickienator :D
8 anos atrás
kyzzyle8 anos atrás#1115847Nice collection! Which scaled Erio is your favorite?
thanks ^^ I cant decide between the alphamax and the GSC erios XD they're all very pretty, too hard to choose!
8 anos atrás
I envy you so much. I love Erio! XD
8 anos atrás
Myr8 anos atrás#1115706that's a loveley collection there
thank you ^^
8 anos atrás