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I have a dream to use my figures as models for some Environmental-Silhouette-Portrait photos. Since I am living in Hong Kong, an excellent background for this dream is sky. I have tried several times and got some not-bad results like picture/548688&..., picture/443353&..., picture/451002&..., picture/429869&..., picture/458972&.... But still they are not enough since the colors seem a bit dull. So I keep on waiting for a beautiful sunset sky.

This photo and picture/558112&... were taken two days ago near the shore of Repulse Bay. I used a full-frame DSLR camera coupled with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G ED lens so I can keep most of the awesome sky in this photo.

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OMGAMAZING This is Way Past Cool
7 anos atrás
Jesus Christ...
7 anos atrás
This one is very beautiful! The sunset, the figure, the mood.... >.<

Thanks for sharing this stunning pictures! :D
7 anos atrás
wow... just wow... look at the cloud...
7 anos atrás
oh my god... Your figures are lucky because in your eyes and photos they are no longer figures any more. They just seem so real, just like us...

Great technique and great scene!
7 anos atrás
This photo is even more stunning!! I will try to take photos in sunset time.
7 anos atrás
Very awesome picture! Beautiful and stunning sky! Even in Singapore this kind of sky is really really rare... Nanoha's position and posture are also perfect. Thx for sharing such wonderful photo!!
7 anos atrás
Wow this is really Beautiful.

The floating hair with the almost silhouette profile of the figure and the amazing sky scene is stunning!^^
Please keep up the great work, enjoying being able to see your creations!
7 anos atrás
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