KarenACKarenAC7 anos atrás
figma max_factory kos-mos xenosaga_episode_iii:_also_sprach_zarathustra asai_(apsy)_masaki t-elos nbgi

About this picture

Sorry for the poor quality, my camera is not a pro one, but I tried very hard!
Fav it if you like ^^

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7 anos atrás
killer background :)
7 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
Great combo of figures and background!
7 anos atrás
KarenAC Android hunter
Leosach7 anos atrás#1259138So blue... great pic! ^^
Thanks =3
7 anos atrás
Leosach Born this way
So blue... great pic! ^^
7 anos atrás