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About this picture

Took me forever to take this pic 'cause I broke my old & faithful camera some time ago.

So, a nice bunch of goodies arrived in November. No big figs this time but many many small ones instead! I'm also very happy with my new cups! I wonder when I order a new one next time ;-;

This loot has one of my grail items too, the Kurobas multi cloth, that I hesitated to buy at first. The cloth's huge so the price I paid for it doesn't really bother me my wallet just didn't like my timing orz. I can't wait to hang it on my wall!

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Thanks Aya & angelbott!!
7 anos atrás
awesome November loot =3 So many wonderful things in there =3
7 anos atrás
These are awesome. ^^
7 anos atrás
@AnnieAzura: The mousepad is so adorable, I love that pic! I hope you'll get one too.

@Kibi: They are, I had to buy another box! I gave 3 Senseis, one Riou and one Madara to my little sister too.
7 anos atrás
the sebastian and ciel mousepad ;A; i've been wanting for a while now but no access to magazine store...
7 anos atrás
Kibi Prisma Kibino
Oh how much I want those Nyankos T_T

Nice loot!
7 anos atrás
@kin: Thank you! They're all so nice indeed :D

@desolato: There are 3 Oofuri items, all of them came with limited edition manga volumes. The group pic one is a cleaner cloth, there's a magnet sheet and bookcover as well.
7 anos atrás
Everything is so pretty, I wouldn't even know what to look at at first.
7 anos atrás
Awesome! What's that Ookiku item? A doujin? Looks nice :)
7 anos atrás
@wasabimiso: Thanks!
I bought the tea cups from Yahoo Japan Auctions (not the same seller) through a proxy. The red one was quite cheap but I had to pay over 2k for the green one :|
7 anos atrás
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