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About this picture

Very messy and quite terrifying Homura Nendoroid Petit bootleg.

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Oh gosh, the shape of her face is the same of the ghost mother in the horror movie "Mama".
4 anos atrás
Her asymetrical face reminds me a bit of the way, the faces in "Cyber Team in Akihabara" were drawn.
6 anos atrás
loool u_u
6 anos atrás
I'm melting, I'm meeelting....
6 anos atrás
t-t-t-time warp
7 anos atrás
Wow... That's just sad :/
7 anos atrás
"Please, Kill Me!"
7 anos atrás
NekoAleu Getting back into collecting!
kawaii af
7 anos atrás
Muntoe7 anos atrás#1480740wow this is so bad I'd buy it on purpose just for lols. Can you even take the faceplate off or is it too warped?
heck if you want this abomination, i'd be glad to sell/give it to ya'
7 anos atrás
Mao7 anos atrás#1483384WHUT?! That the most ugly bootleg I ever seen.
Well, at least you dont own this! LOL
I keep this in a box in my closet, away from being seen by the world...
7 anos atrás