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bootleg saber type_moon fate/stay_night miyagawa_takeshi sader clayz

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The one and only - the most infamous bootleg of all time! It's the legendary Sader!

...I was considering making an entry for her, but she's technically a bootleg of an existing figure. However, due to her internet-meme status, would it be okay to make an entry for her (for the people who want Sader but not the original Saber figure)?

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Her face looks like a character cake. Stunning~!
2 anos atrás
3 anos atrás
omg how did this even happen!? lmao
3 anos atrás
it just screams QUALITY
4 anos atrás
www.ebay.com/it... can this join the party too?
5 anos atrás
Can you have a bootleg of a bootleg? and how would you tell the difference?
5 anos atrás
Help! Can someone help me tell the difference between the bootleg and the original? China's getting so good with these...
5 anos atrás
6 anos atrás
AAAAAAA!!!! I'm feelin' crazy!
6 anos atrás
I won't lie I want one so bad
6 anos atrás
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