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About this picture

My bed with some of my Byakuya stuff (it normally isn't this crowded with stuff).

I'm treating this as a sort of teaser image until I do a full collection post.

Everything in the photo is official merchandise, except the large life size pillow, the sword, and the larger of the two plushies.

Flower designs in the corner added in photoshop as I was going to upload this to my DA gallery and I wanted to make it 'fancier'.

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drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
solluxcaptor1 ano atrás#62521538Wow, very beautiful setup

Thanks! ^^
1 ano atrás
Wow, very beautiful setup
1 ano atrás
nekem kéne a byakuyás pillow meg a négy pinmage és még az a két inmage kell meg a bal oldalon a falon két inmage amin byakuya van meg amin byakuya és rukia van
6 anos atrás
Truly Byakuya Shrine! *bows*
7 anos atrás
There's a theme here.

I just for the life of me can not put my finger on it...
7 anos atrás
Very classy collection display!
7 anos atrás
This is what I call a fan XD. Really nice. I love it.
7 anos atrás
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
Very neat <3
7 anos atrás
this is just pure awesome!!
7 anos atrás
Well if you never have wet dreams with Byakuya, sleeping here for one night here will. What I meant to say is, bravo!
7 anos atrás