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7 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
Great light!!
7 anos atrás
Shading is very well placed. Good jod, I like it <3
7 anos atrás
I3anchou7 anos atrás#1741066Nope picture/160905&...

I think he meant it looks like a brand tag, not that there is one on the figure. A person who don't know of the figure would think it looks like a brand tag, which was the case for me lol.
7 anos atrás
looks so real! great job with this beautiful shot!
7 anos atrás
lolicon_Dango7 anos atrás#1740813lol,isn't it just look like the brand of her bikini?

Nope picture/160905&...
7 anos atrás
It looks so photorealistic.
7 anos atrás
Woah! This was even posted on GSC's (English) facebook. This picture looks really nice and well done. Good job on getting GSC to notice this! Facebook link: www.facebook.co...
7 anos atrás
lol,isn't it just look like the brand of her bikini?I3anchou7 anos atrás#1740716Great image, the only thing that's not convincing me it's not real regardless of me knowing it's a figure is that drop of water on top of the middle of her bikini, it's just sitting there.
7 anos atrás
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