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*-* So organized. Points to you.
5 anos atrás
I spy a Tales of Symphonia PS3 collector's edition game.
6 anos atrás
Nice use of your figure packaging! Totally jealous of that Miku Append Figma! ><
6 anos atrás
C'est tellement mieux rangé que chez moi ! Ma billy est littéralement en train de s'effondrer sous mes mangas et je dois entasser mes quelques boîtes de figurines au dessus xD les billy rouges me tentent vraiment maintenant... J'adore ta chambre en tout cas :3
6 anos atrás
PaleLightning M9000 is a trap
Very nice set up; really like the red paint and damn thats clean
6 anos atrás
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
love desu <3
6 anos atrás
A moi ?? X) mdr ;)
6 anos atrás
tanaka6 anos atrás#2061247Wow!
Are these specially-made cabinets (other than the Detolf sets)?
Customized red as well?

It's just a set of two Detolf, two Billy red and two Benno red! Ikea for ever ahah!
6 anos atrás
6 anos atrás
Leosach Born this way
All red!
6 anos atrás
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