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I received my Tokunaga plush today as well as Zelos and Colette from ToS! Sadly Colette looks biger than Zelos even tho they're both 1/8. My Tales collection is expending so much that i would need 2 detolf units for all i own and yet i dont think i would find the space for that, not to mention i still intend to order the various coin figure collections :(

And yes i am aware that i have a spot left on my Abyss and Xillia shelves, placeholders ftw! ITEM #194369 and ITEM #193275 . Cant wait! ♥

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Awesome plushie collection, jealous of Tokunaga, Quickie and puppy Repede!

I'm having space problems with my Tales collection too, I have to keep moving stuff around to find room!
6 anos atrás
IridescentFall6 anos atrás#2085098Fantastic collection! :D I'm super jealous of all your plushies! XD

Thanks :)
I really need more units to re-arrange all my darn chibis to be out of the way to see the plushies more, also everytime i open my cabinets there's at least one of them bonking me on the head before kissing the floor, especially Luke's kyun-chara, he's a master diver. ~.~
6 anos atrás
IridescentFall いいよ~
Fantastic collection! :D I'm super jealous of all your plushies! XD
6 anos atrás
WindsorSeven6 anos atrás#2082238That Vesperia shelf *o*
Is Banpresto's Yuri leaning...?

Closer look at my Vesperia shelf picture/929765&... The back panel fell, i need to find a better way to fix those!
He got bumped actually, my detolfs seems to wobble a bit everytime i open the door, ikea assembly ftw! He was down the riser kissing the window, i noticed after i took the pic! Haha
6 anos atrás
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
That Vesperia shelf *o*
Is Banpresto's Yuri leaning...?
6 anos atrás