At this point I just give up
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I will never get them :)2

Boku no Hero Academia - Kaminari Denki - The  Amazing Heroes  (Vol.9) (Bandai Spirits)Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Natsume Kokoro - Special Figure (FuRyu)


ISTP liker /ISFP self


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-'Uncultured' stan
-More wished figures than owned due to family and financial problems ;D
-Most figures probably got melted, rip

The most recent:ITEM #1054553 (with some bits of regrets)
Currently in waitlist:-
Current hunting:Probably any Kyouka simple merch
Next hunt (maybe):Might be on here-LIST #156850

"What have I done with my life?"-Me



A Virtuoso (ISTP) is someone with the Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. They tend to have an individualistic mindset, pursuing goals without needing much external connection. They engage in life with inquisitiveness and personal skill, varying their approach as needed.

"I wanted to live the life, a different life. I didn’t want to go to the same place every day and see the same people and do the same job. I wanted interesting challenges."

Virtuosos love to explore with their hands and their eyes, touching and examining the world around them with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity. People with this personality type are natural Makers, moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it, and learning from their environment as they go. Often mechanics and engineers, Virtuosos find no greater joy than in getting their hands dirty pulling things apart and putting them back together, just a little bit better than they were before

I really miss 1999...

...back when I didn't exist.


You are very welcome. I am glad that you appreciate it!
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Thank you! I am looking forward to saving up money to travel abroad and compete in collegian figure skating.

I probably will think about it from time to time. After all, it was such a big part of my life! I'm satisfied tho. I'll probably will still go to anime conventions (just not buy any figures/merch). I'm looking forward to what the future will bring!
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Guess I envy people who has any good scales XD
Daily serotonin of depression
2 meses atrás
Gotta use my last braincell, I gave up XD
2 meses atrás
thank u for the happy birthday!(⌒▽⌒)♡
2 meses atrás
I envy those people who has Norman, I don't make the rule.
^^ (ו×)
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giantenemykat vtubers are ruining my life
Ty for the bday wish!! <3
4 meses atrás
ArianeEva4 meses atrás#98016747Thanks for the luck, you too! (I don't consider myself nice but thanks still)Thanks! You're pretty nice, so you should consider yourself nice! And np!
4 meses atrás
IshikuNanami4 meses atrás#98016726Thank you so much! You're to nice! I wish you luck with your wished!Thanks for the luck, you too! (I don't consider myself nice but thanks still)
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Thank you so much! You're to nice! I wish you luck with your wished!
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An Adventurer (ISFP) is a person with the Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. They tend to have open minds, approaching life, new experiences, and people with grounded warmth. Their ability to stay in the moment helps them uncover exciting potentials.

"I change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else."

Adventurer personalities are true artists, but not necessarily in the typical sense where they’re out painting happy little trees. Often enough though, they are perfectly capable of this. Rather, it’s that they use aesthetics, design and even their choices and actions to push the limits of social convention. Adventurers enjoy upsetting traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior – chances are, they’ve expressed more than once the phrase “Don’t box me in!”

More about me

My life kinda fine, but usually I will always find a daily serotonin of happiness and depression, usually listening to something related to insane/crazy/depression because that's how I describe myself.
Sometimes I feel like a mix of some characters, here are some of my 'kin':
-Yuuji Itadori
-Kazuha Kaedehara
-Ran Mitake
There are some more but since I'm an ISFP, I just gotta show the ISFP ones.