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Love cute things,beautiful things & also Japan! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
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Thank you! :D
2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
Bangtheroses3 anos atrás#16264931Hey there! Thanks for the Friend request! <3
Nice to meet you & awesome toyphotos!

Hello! Thank you for accepting :)
Nice to meet you too! You have such wonderful collection and photos <3
And sorry for replying late xD
3 anos atrás
Bangtheroses4 anos atrás#7011983They have reg sal? She's really cheap there...if she'd reg sal,maybe i will get her. But i'm not sure how much the hands will be,do you want me to split them up & let you know the price?

Yeah they do. It should be ECO registered.

Yeah well i think around 300¥ + shipping to me should be okay? or no?
4 anos atrás
Bangtheroses4 anos atrás#6987639It's cheaper but i'm not sure bout the shipping! But for this month,i'm a little tight in my pocket.
Do you know when is the offer ending? If not i might just get first or something.

You mean which to use? The cheapest I guess? Till now I got all packages from them safely.

Sadly I don't know, they don't have date stated for this so it could end tomorrow or in a month. No one knows. :/ I didn't find her that cheap anywhere else though.
4 anos atrás
Bangtheroses4 anos atrás#6961928Hey! Sorry,i was busy so didn't check mfc! Sure sure,lemme have a look at NY,i never tried ordering there before tho.

Hows the result? :3 I think shipping to you should be cheaper too so its best to let it shipp to you ^^ How mcuh would be the ahnds and shipping to me? ^^

I would write to you in om but it's alsmot full due splits. :'D
4 anos atrás
Hey. :3

Do you wanna split Anna with me then? :D
4 anos atrás
Bangtheroses4 anos atrás#4604051Hi there!
Thanks for the friend request & you're from Singapore too? :DDD
Have fun in MFC~ http://33.media.tumblr.com/961a7ff493cdcb80ffffd383e731ff44/tumblr_inline_ndkc72vwAH1rxsw83.gif

Haha yeah, thanks for accepting!
4 anos atrás
Bangtheroses5 anos atrás#4199656Ahh i see,goodluck & gambatte for your upcoming exams!
Let me know again when you're shipping out? :D
Thaaaanks! And, sure thing. I still have to invoice you guys for shipping anyway :)
5 anos atrás
Bangtheroses5 anos atrás#4199509Heyhey!
How're you? Your inbox is full so i decided to just leave you a message here!
Regarding about Kashuu nendoroid split that you hosted,I would like to know when will you be shipping out the parts?
Thanks! Hope to see your reply soon~
Oh my, even my outbox is full orz
View spoilerHide spoilerNext week, I'll have it shipped to me. Then try to ship it out once I receive it.
Sorry, I can't this week. I have exams.
Sorry for this chopped up reply
5 anos atrás
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