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BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3139618I think everyone wants the Aoba Nendo for his shirtless body. Haha. xD It would be nice if he got a re-release though.
I need a good Archer scale too. I like the Alter one, I really do, but I wish they made one based off his appearance in the new UBW anime.

I don't like the alter one at all.

I was so exited for it only to be disappointed.. He barely even looks like UBW Archer, it's more like Shirou cosplaying him.

>No muscles
>Dat face
>those eyes

Lol, seriously I need something for him so bad but I want it to look like him.

Even RAH couldn't do it right..
5 anos atrás
BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3139785I was, but I doubt your friend got my picture because I only had a few pictures taken that day. Hahaha. If your friend got me, then that would have been EXTREMELY coincidental. xD If he was taking pictures of Noiz on Saturday, then he may have gotten me because I had a lot of picture requests that day. DMMd still getting a lot of love is nice. :] Noiz is my favorite character too (obviously), so tell him that his tastes are awesome. Nitori?! WHY?! D: lol. I just like to make fun of Nitori because he annoyed me a lot in season 1. You dressed up from DR?! I was thinking of wearing Ishimaru again, but I got tired of waking up early on consecutive days to prep for cosplay. xD Let me know when your next con is and when you're going to wear Monomi again and I'll wear my Ishimaru. I usually get tired of wearing my outfits after two times, but I love my Ishimaru eyebrows too much...

I'll go through the Flickr pictures and see how many Daichis he actually got. If he did get you I would laugh and be amazed at his timing. I know for sure on day 4 he went picture crazy since we were gonna leave soonish. And I shall tell him! LAWL because I like Nitori, and because my friend went as Rin. xD I can understand the annoyance with Nitori tho. I was surprised that some random dude wanted a selfie with him on day 3 because apparently Nitori was his favourite Free! character. I was taken aback for a bit. And of course! I'm planning on redoing her since I wore shorts and a shirt with her but after I finished wearing her I decided that I wanted to do something different. Ishimaru eyebrow game too strong!
5 anos atrás
BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3139774Ah. I failed for AX this year. I was planning on debuting Jean from SnK at AX, but I'm going full out for the 3DMG and I could not get that done in time. I ended up deciding on throwing together a comfy outfit together and that was Daichi from Haikyuu! It was so comfy and understated that I felt like I wasn't even in cosplay at all. lol. I also went as Noiz from DMMd again on Saturday. 'Twas a lot of fun wearing Noiz again, but that outfit is just plain high maintenance. Dx What outfits did you end up wearing other than your Free ones? What character BTW? :]

Oh noes! And you were Daichi? OMG, my friend may have gotten your picture since he was taking picture of any Haikyuu cosplayer he saw like crazy xD And I saw so many Dramatical Murder cosplayers! It was pretty awesome to see. He may have gotten your Noiz as well since once again, he wanted pics of Noizs since that's his fav character. XD And I did Nitori from Free and Monomi from Dangan Ronpa!
5 anos atrás
What did you end up cosplaying at AX this year? :O
5 anos atrás
BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3138519Ah. Its because when I last logged in, I checked the box for "Hide Me". This makes it so my profile doesn't list whenever I am on. :P
I love my Noiz and Archer Nendos! I wish I had more of them. You need to get them too, and then buy multiples. Haha

I'm definitely gonna try to get Noiz, and then Aoba (I have no idea how when he's so overpriced tho..)
They're not on the top of my list now, but I'll get them eventually!

I need a good Archer scale tho >_>
5 anos atrás
Why does it say your last visit was 16 days ago when you just commented on a page 3 hours ago? O_O

I'm SUPER jelly of the Noiz and Archer nendos you got :p
How do they look?
5 anos atrás
BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3085698snip

Hello! Ok ok, I'm a bit faster at replying this time. It's barely hitting me that AX Day 0 is tomorrow already!! Ahh I see, but nonetheless you're still pretty active. I always see you around MFC (or is it because we go to many of the same pages? 8D). I don't have as much time to go MFC, mostly to resist splurging, but it feels good to have semi-biweekly/monthly doses.

I'm sure your cosplays will turn out fine! Good luck! The one down side would be the weather though... If only you have time, please stop by the booth. :) I may not recognize you in your outfit/s, so ask around for Charlene (if you get this message on time lol).

Ahh I see, you said about Xrd Ky is true. His redesign difference is more obvious than Sol's. I contacted Amiami and they did nothing. Embrace Japan never responded back to me. :(
5 anos atrás
BlitzAce5 anos atrás#3104425Thank you! My collection sure grew a lot the past few years. Its a blessing and a curse. D:Must be a pain in the ass to clean all that, and can't imagine the amount of boxes. Still worth though.
5 anos atrás
Just came here to say that your collection is GLORIOUS omfg
5 anos atrás
Btw, I'm very indecisive with the Ky figure...I have no idea which version to pick! May I ask for your opinion? I wish I can afford both, but at the same time I am quite discouraged from the QC from the Sol I received. :( But I must support GG...!!!
5 anos atrás
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