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Black Hair MOE~
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Hello ^_^ How are you?
7 anos atrás
Boomsickle8 anos atrás#1020251Thanks, You have quite a nice collection yourself , i wish i didn't have to cancel my AmiAmi orders though. But i started taking up GKs so that's gonna be exiting

Garage Kits? Those always look great....hope you make some good looking ones.
8 anos atrás
You have a nice simple collection there!
8 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
BoomsickleYeah i know what you mean but its the same with louise figures some are higher quality than others.
Now that you put it that way i guess slight stalker would be better,kinda like shirayuki would be nice :p
Oh yes inori is a horrible character hated the ending for guilty crown it didn't do the characters justice but i love her character design so i per-ordered her figure
i dont mind prize figures they have decent quality and are cheap but i dont go looking to buy those first,would much rather buy scaled figures.

I only go for scaled figs :p not prize or sega anymore :P 1 sonico is good though :) but if there are no other figs I would buy them thats the exception but havent had that

hmm I dunno shirayuki lol

yep some louises well I dont rlly regret getting them but if I see other figs theyre not the best :P I rlly dont like my chara-ani louise

glad we agree on that :P but yeah her figure is so nice that outfit and pose

hehe yeah a rl life stalker is not as fun as you think ive had one ... ugghh
but yeah a bit of an obsessive type of gf/bf would be fun :3
8 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
BoomsickleMy current all time favorite is kuroneko love her character I want all her figures *_*

I think it would be awesome to have some stalker love xp the only problem is in anime 1 person doesn't feel the same towards the other which is where shit turns bad and 1 of them has to die :o

I like the prize figures they're cheap and decent quality, but it doesn't compare to the $80+ figure but they're not bad.

So far im kinda leaning towards love of the actual character but every now and again ill see a character i don't know but love the character design

so maybe ill settle somewhere in between that

aah I see kuroneko is cute but I dont like the main of her figures theres only 1 I like that suits my taste :)

well all depends if youre fine with that I dont wish to send my gf/bf a message each time I hang out or so ;P I send some messages now and then cause I am addicted to my fiancee but not to check up on him :p

so thats the same as I have some exceptiosn just cause you like the design like I have with inori I dont like her asa acharacter but her design is so nice :D

I cant live with prize quality lol I sold all those I had of that company ^^ but first I would buy is isurugi mio though since she doesnt have many figs D:
8 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
BoomsickleThanks Yuno is currently one of my favorites yandere girls are are awesome...wish one loved me in real life :/ . Im surprised there aren't any of her as well. good thing shes not my number one favorite :D

Love your louise collection <3 hpw do you decide what figures to buy?

who is your no 1 then? shes one of my favs :P but no one beats my louise no matter how good the serie is :P somehow no one can beat her

oh you wish a stalker who protects you :o whoa youre daring haha well it would be a challenge to me but no rather not have a yuno :P

hmm how I hcose my figs have changed over time at first I just bought all louise figs anyways but now I look at quality especially :) so some of my louises arent the bestest quality but I got them for good prices see it depends on quality and price if its lesser quality but for a fair price I would still buy it except for prize figs I dont buy those ...

also I look at how much I love the character itself ofcourse ;) but sometimes I make an exception if the figure is too lovely like dizzy
8 anos atrás
BoomsickleThanks , i should be jealous of you having all those figures , i need more D:

Heh, only if you have the space to display all your figures, our living room's every flat surface is completely filled with ours and it's becoming a bit problematic. xD Still I need more, especially scale figures, I have way too many trading/action figures already, ahah. But you seem to have lots of good stuff ordered, so your collection will grow steadily I bet. ^^ Also it's refreshing to see someone who doesn't collect nendoroids. ;P (not that there's anything wrong with that)
8 anos atrás
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
BoomsickleAlright i suppose, living the life of an otaku college student :p , You know near broke and loving life xp ( all these figures and manga )
lol,I know what you mean.xD
8 anos atrás
Boomsickle Galge Gamer
otaku-cupcakeNice to meet you!^_^ I'm good!What about you?

Alright i suppose, living the life of an otaku college student :p , You know near broke and loving life xp ( all these figures and manga )
8 anos atrás
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
BoomsickleHello new freind! How are you?
Nice to meet you!^_^ I'm good!What about you?
8 anos atrás
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