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Hi and thanks for visiting my profile!
Please don't be shy and feel free to talk to me, I'd love to make friends with some fellow collectors.
To be honest I'm not all that much into anime anymore but I could talk endlessly about Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion and everything from Ghibli.
Besides getting more cute animu waifus my other main hobbies are drawing and videogames.
So below is some stuff that I like, if we have anything in common, we can talk about that, yay!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

favorite gamesgood taste
Okami, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Chibi Robo, Dragon's Crown, Trusty Bell/ Eternal Sonata, Rayman 3, FEZ, Dragon Age: Inquisition

favorite game characterswow cuteSolas (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere), Alice Liddell (Alice: Madness Returns), Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), N (Pokémon Black and White), Globox (Rayman), Undyne (Undertale)

game franchises that I likeI get it
Zelda, Pokemon, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Dangan Ronpa, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Dramatical Murder, Disgaea, Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory, Ratchet & Clank, Silent Hill, anything from Vanillaware

watchinggonna check these out
Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, New Girl, Bojack Horseman, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Broad City, Sherlock

my waifusok thanks









Dear BunniLoop, how can I order Futaba Anzu and delivery to Russia? I saw you suggest it for 50€ + shipping from Germany and price is reduced. I'm ready to buy it. Best regards.
3 anos atrás
I'd really love to PM you about your Shiki figure but it says your inbox is full </3
3 anos atrás
Seems to me you are fan of two of my most beloved series, Madoka Magica and Evangelion, you are welcome in my list.

Also, how nice of you to show Paper Mario TTYD some attention. It's arguably the best Mario game there is.
3 anos atrás
Happy Birthday!~
3 anos atrás
Hi! Have a very happy birthday... and Happy New Year! ^_^
3 anos atrás
soramaru 夢 ♡ ✨
BunniLoop4 anos atrás#14745650Thank you for the FR!
Your page looks really lovely, goes well with your impressive Sailor Moon collection <3

awww thank youuuuuuu <3 you have a lovely collection as well
im jealous of your pokemon plushie collection hahaha so cuteee<3
4 anos atrás
achso!!! wie schade sonst hätten wir uns sehen können :<
4 anos atrás
ohayo! du bist nicht zufällig auf der dokomi in düsseldorf??
4 anos atrás
(∩゚∀゚)∩ Hello friend! I love you're collection! I'd love to chat to you if you're okay with that and stuff ヾ【o・∀・o】ノ
4 anos atrás
BunniLoop4 anos atrás#6962577nice collection & nice username
thank u omg mine is no where near as impressive as yours tho?? N thanks lmao I couldn't believe it was available at the time tbh
4 anos atrás
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puella magi madoka magica • neon genesis evangelion
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