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Woah a big collection!
7 meses atrás
Indeed she is! XD
With that total of collection, you're also a man of culture!
9 meses atrás
Both of them are custom made by local shop here in Bangkok.
Here's the shop's facebook page. www.facebook.co...
10 meses atrás
Fuck Nintendo? Fuck Nintendo! I whole heartily agree.
11 meses atrás
Hey, I'm sorry, but the Yoko figure has been sold. I haven't been able to send any messages on MFC so it ended up going to someone local. I hope you can find it somewhere else! :(
1 ano atrás
I'm not attempting to be biased because she is one of my most favourite figurines, so it's hard to believe that she is worse than prize figurines. It's difficult to say without seeing some good quality pictures of yours to compare (even if you've compared yours to others).

I paid ~10k yen for mine, which I consider to be a fair price compared to what she is going for now (17k yen on Mandarake for a really beat up, unopened box) and silly amounts of 65k+ on Amazon for new ones. How much did you pay for her?

I definitely agree that there needs to be more Freezing figurines though. I don't have the room for 1/4 scale, so all of those ones are out for my consideration.

I've always wanted Ingrid and Chiffon figurines with their battle equipment.
1 ano atrás
Hi there!

I saw your comment on my profile regarding the Yoko figure. My inbox is beyond full atm because I let my membership lapse - we can message on here tomorrow when I upgrade my membership again. So sorry for the inconvenience!
1 ano atrás
Haha yes. Have a nice day, don't worry too much.
1 ano atrás
Well, if we're talking about aftermarket price that's a different matter (luckily I got her sealed for around 150 I think. I agree that this is the most decent Freezing figure imo
1 ano atrás
PVC anime figure store.



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