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I started with my collection at October 2007 with my first preorder of the Revy figure from Alter (but unfortunaly i had to take another way to get her) and since then i couldn't stop this sensation of collecting all these figures i have and also i want to have in future.
At beginning i had no sense for good figures, first i bought simple figures (Yeah, Kanu and Sonsaku from Griffon Enterprises ... :P ) but as time has gone by, my figure choses were getting better and better and i decided to collect the most of my figures from Good Smile Company, Alter-Web and Kotobukyia (you'll see it in my collection).
By chances, i try to collect all figures from some series like the Shuraki Trinity figures (from GSC) or the Shining Wind figures (from Kotobukyia).
Not easy and not really cheap ^^

In the end, i like this kind of hobby, even it is strange and expensive. And also i like it, that there are another people with the same hobby as me ^^




süßes profil:O kennst du love live wenn ja magst du es ?
5 anos atrás
Happy Birthday !
6 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! ^^
8 anos atrás
Happy Birthday :D
8 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! I hope this is a great year for you. I don't know if you're interested or aware of this great anime site, bakabt.me, but you might want to check it out. ^^
8 anos atrás
hi ^^

selling my yoko gift if youre interested ;)

bybye !
9 anos atrás
How do you put a video your Good Smile Company club?
9 anos atrás
Hoi Hoi,

es freut mich hier noch mehr Leute aus Deutschland zu finden ^^
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Figuren und du hast ja ein paar richtig
klasse Figuren ^_^ z.B. Fate ist richtig super, würd mich
freuen, wenn man vielleicht mal plaudern könnte *g*

MFG theAnimelord
9 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! ^^
9 anos atrás
Happy Birthday !
9 anos atrás
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