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yay someone in my areaaa
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CharonCaori4 anos atrás#13162611I'm not sure! I don't really know what you mean by matte finish, I was under the impression that the plastic just looks like that naturally, except for the painted/printed parts, like eyes and blush.
I just looked at a couple figures I had previously cleaned and didn't notice any difference between the parts I had and hadn't washed, but I'm not the pickiest so it might be best to get a second opinion!
I'd ask one of the figure cleaning or nendoroid-specific discussion areas, or take pictures of your figure and ask for advice there if you're super worried. Here's a few examples:
I tried to find a video with the proper wiping technique, but couldn't really. Just make sure to wet the magic eraser or melamine sponge, and start off light. I didn't use soap or anything extra for scuff marks. You don't need to soak the figure unless it's old and sticky, just rinse the part you rubbed with the sponge. Maybe try it out on a spot that isn't as visible first, so you can get a feel for it, like one of those extra neck joints or something?
imgur.com/a/03V... In case this helps, I just took my Noya and wiped at the area between his left eye/mouth and his chin/ear a little bit, and took some (bad) pictures (with my shitty phone, I'm sorry!!). No difference in the finish or anything, as far as I can see. There's no difference to the texture by feel, either.
Lemme know if you manage to clean it or if you have any other questions! Good luck!

I think I've been reading too much about customizing face plates and such. O__O
They always mention matte spray over their finished product and since I saw that the inside of the head had a glossier surface than the face part I'd assumed it was the same.

Thanks so much for all the info and links! Really, I'm very grateful. >__< Will update when I get to buy a sponge and try it. Tons around the house when there's no need but none when wanted. xD
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CharonCaori4 anos atrás#13043242Try GENTLY scrubbing the spot with a melamine sponge under mild, running water. I've had bad, bad streaks from improperly stored nendos before (it looked like someone had marked them with crayons!!) and have been able to remove them with a Mr. Clean magic eraser with no issues. If you take your time and you avoid the eyes and such, you should be fine. I can understand if it's scary, but if any of your other nendos have this problem in the future you should keep it in mind =3

Thanks for the advice! :))
Does the sponge affect the matte finish on the nendo face? I'm not too sure but it looks like the faint streak on mine is underneath the finish.
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Your profile picture is beautiful...
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Emiya_Kiritsugu desu!
Welcome to the board! :)
Have fun and happy collection! :D
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to the board CharonCaori! :)

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