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Wanna get into vocaloid music but dunno which songs to start? Check out this post I've made to gradually ease your way in: thread/16834

Vocaloids are my life: I adore all vocaloids but mostly Hatsune Miku ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

After that, I just like any cute characters, regardless of series or franchise (≧▽≦)
Mostly anime: Erased, Magus Bride, Future Diary, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Made in Abyss, World Trigger, SAO, DxD, Konosuba, Demon Slayer, Goblin Slayer, To Love-Ru, Date-a-Live, Kill la Kill, Asterisk War, Black Clover, Azur Lane....
The Expanse, Skyward, War of Broken Mirrors, Six Sacred Swords, Zero no Tsukaima, Konosuba, Sword Art Online
Star Ocean, Tales of series, Half-Life, Alpha Centuari, The Last of Us, Uncharted series.
Qualidade(s) MOÉ
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~



Hello! You are so optimistic every time I speak to you, I wish things would go as fast as you are predicting. xD The moving to the new apartment will be in around 2 weeks (and then it will take a couple of weeks more before we have everything unpacked) and about the health care...at least 1 more month if I'm lucky, but I'm afraid it will be 2 or more...the government is delaying everything with the current world situation (which is to be expected).

Over here the state borders are closed until at least June, and then there are still big question marks if suddenly in July all companies can open again (doesn't seem like a good idea to cram many people in office buildings or busy shopping centers right after lockdown is over). I'm pretty pissed off as well with how the situation is being handled in my neighborhood. Yesterday we had to go out for some necessities for the house and in the hardware store people were just leisurely shopping around and buying home decor and such...people please...just get your essentials and LEAVE! We tried to keep our distance, but lots of people would still brush against us or walk/be close to us to grab things from shelves. >.< I'm afraid it will get worse here when summer starts, because Finland has a very short summer compared to other countries, so people want to probably be as much outside as possible then. >.<

I assume it's possible with your work to spread the people out more so you barely come in contact with other humans? Hope it will keep on going well for you!

Yeah next Monday the 4th week working from home is starting for us and it's becoming more draining...for my job I need to be in contact with coworkers a lot, which means I spend most of my day in videocalls (either 1-on-1 or groupmeetings) and it's just so much more energy draining than talking to people in person. Also communication is taking more time, so I feel like I don't have enough time in my day to actually do work. At least I'm glad I'm together with my husband, if you're alone at home right now it must be very lonely and if you're with a big family it must be very busy/messy to have everyone around.

Well uh that's just for the jobs I GOT. :') I still get ghosted on at least 75% of everything I apply to. ^^'' My first job out of college was unfortunately a 'call center in disguise', it seemed like an administrative job until I had to have a headset on and talk to angry people all day. Lots of promises about getting promoted to do actual administrative work if you did your job well, but it was just lies to get people to work harder on the phones. *sigh* Not sure if you ever had experiences like that, but where I'm from call center jobs are the least wished jobs, so the hiring managers/agencies will lie or sugarcoat to manage to get people working in there.

My most common experience is at first, jobs being impressed you do so much volunteer work, to later pressure you to quit doing volunteer work so you can focus on 'your real job'. :( I've also had jobs telling me that I must drop my volunteer work after I get hired, and them asking me if I was willing to do that. I really like the continuous experience and not loosing expertise in that field, so this always rubbed me the wrong way...

Thanks! :) About Calne, all your questions and more are answered here if you're up for a bit of a longer read: BLOG #42827 . :) And yeah I don't have pictures to share right now, but the general shapes of most parts are there and I'm liking how the axes are looking so far. ^^

And yeaaaahh that's probably a subject you should avoid for the next couple of years or so. :') I'll be honest, when RE3 released 2 days ago it was super weird that the first 2 sentences of the game right away talk about a pandemic and quarantine. A lot of people find it bad taste that the game was released in the current state of the world. 

And yes, the Ma(a)ki(e) has always been a pun. :) All lemurs are great, but ringed tail lemurs are the best! <3

I think he most ideal are 2 days, the 3 and 4 are way too tiring (plus you need to take days off from work) and 1 day always feel rushed and you missed out on things (especially if you wanted to check out certain panels/events). And well all events are cancelled for the rest of the summer, but hopefully next year they will go on normally and I can have my Ymir finished by then. ^^

Thank you, that is so sweet~ I really hope this is the right permanent place and I won't feel rushed for moving or forced to find a better job. Things seem already a lot more chill in Finland than where we come from!

Ooh, Las Vegas sounds really cool! It's one of the top places my husband wants to visit one day. :) And yeah yikes, those prices in those areas are absolutely insane, it's nice that it's possible for you to stay with family.

In my experience a lot of people from the USA are super impressed with all the stuff we have in Europe. :) But I want to give one warning: DON'T go to Paris/France. It's highly romanticized in American media, and there are a lot better places to visit instead!

Cool! I haven't been reading blogs much here recently because of being busy with the move, but I hope I will get to them soon! As for me, I recently (finally!) had my PayPal reactivated (had issues with that as well because of the emigration), and decided to order these adorable duckies I've been wanting to buy for a long time:
ITEM #945301
ITEM #945303
ITEM #945305
ITEM #945306
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Well thing is I still need to make a portfolio for art college but the art college is closed due to covid 19 yeah pain in the ass ah well will just have to wait (story of my life though something Always puts me back and I can’t move forward)
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Thank you, lately I preorder alot less now, even on bunny, guess I become very picky on figures, yes I love mono, her bunny figure looks amazing, I like both fishnet stocking or bared, why don’t you preorder her ? Her price is right. Is not 2x or 3x of her price yet.
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Disney most likely but that’s dreaming too far haha I think I am too old for that
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My dream is in animation but if working for a game studio means experience that’s fine with me
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hi, may i said you have a wonderful collection of figures, hope u have a wonderful day.
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Yep haha I enjoy it at least
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These are strange times indeed...we are making the best of it. We have been working from home for 2 weeks now and with the new government announcement yesterday we found out it's going to last for at least 3 more weeks. They also since today closed to borders of the states, so we are 'locked' in our state also for that 3 week period. Luckily for us the moving to our new apartment is nearby, but we are scratching our heads and thinking about how we are going to be able to do our moving, we just have to hope that moving companies are working or otherwise strike deals with friends/coworkers that have vans/trucks. It would be really horrible for our savings account if we can't move soon because we will be paying for 2 places + the storage unit. X_X So yeah I can't wait for this to be over, but I think it's a good decision from my government to close the state borders because the spread is going so fast and especially in my neighborhood not much people seem to care and still get together in big groups, especially in the shopping mall.

My family in my home country has it worse, because their government is taking less well measures and I have a lot of family members working in the medical field, so they all have to continue to go to work. :( How is your situation, and the one from your family? I hope good measures are taken, because I think I remember I saw your state also have a high number of cases? Can you still do your work?

Everybody at my new job is very kind to me and as far as properly working from home is possible, it is actually going better than expected. It's only a bit annoying because I need to learn a lot of new kinds of software so you're basically screensharing at all times, but still with delays in sharing it's not as good as working in person...and I've noticed a lot of miscommunications already, which would probably not have happened if we were working in an office.

I got a huge boost with government approvals, so that is nice. If the last time we spoke I would put myself on 100%, now I only have 50% left. I'm now currently stuck on waiting to get approved for health insurance, because only then I can apply for the next 50% of the paperwork that is on hold.

I actually got multiple jobs in the past where they never told me test results, but I still got in. :P I think they keep it secret on purpose so when people are hired and working together they don't know if they scored better or worse than their coworkers? Could be bad for group morale to know.

Sometimes I also feel like jobs throw you on a backburner like "we have better applications, but let's keep this person in our pool in case the others disappoint", and then 'the others' get hired and they just forget to reply to you completely... >.>

Most of the jobs I had were the kind that replied fast and seemed to be excited from the other side as well. Only exception on that I remember is my first job out of college: I needed to do this test for them and they would let me know if it was a yes/no after a week. 2 weeks passed and I was pretty sure I was getting ghosted again, but then I got a call from them that they wanted to hire me (never apologized for being a week late either >.>). Found out on my first day that some others had to wait even longer (they already did the test 1 or 2 weeks before me) and they were trying to give us the same starting day and because of that didn't meet the reaction deadline.

Currently my whole day at work right now is video interviews basically. xD I'm OK in group meetings, but most of my 1-on-1 meetings get so much awkward silences. :')

The company I work for (and what I think most others are doing as well) is doing the application process until the point where you would meet IRL and then put the process on hold (mostly it's video interview + 1 assignment before the first IRL meeting). It must be really horrible to be jobsearching right now. My timing was unexpectedly really lucky before everything closed down.

Thank you! I have done many years of volunteer work, which depending on the job is differently received. I would say 50% appreciated it, 25% was doubtful in a way of 'are you not choosing your unpaid job over our paid job?' and 25% of it completely discredited it because it was unpaid and 'did not count as much as a real job'.

Hrm, my site is not up to date, but I would say best: cosplay.com/cos... my Calne, which the best place will be replaced hopefully by my next project (Ymir from Queen's Blade Rebellion). And worst is this old one: cosplay.com/cos... next to it not being close to source material, it barely survived a day of wearing because I was so inexperienced with sewing back then. ^^''

Yeah it might be a cheese and custard combination and LOL yeah same for me. Especially with all those cute snacks from Japan. :)

Well all of them are cancelled right now of course... :P But Finland does have quite a bit of conventions! From what I understood 2 big ones that are 3 days, one mid-sized one of 2 days and then a lot of smaller 1-day events. I moved a half-finished cosplay with me to Finland and plan on completing it and entering it in a competition also over here. :) And apparently they do also have those meets as flea markets! So I will definitely take a bunch of figures with me. Unfortunately I don't have a car anymore (or will get one here), so I'll be a bit more limited in what I can bring.

Yeah I have seen online bakeries and even ice cream stores offering shipping, but it is all rush shipping and you have to be at home to take the delivery, because it will not survive at a pick up point. Anyhow, over here it seems like we are not able to send or receive any items in the world until Summer. ^^''

Maybe if I would ever have a job one day where I can work all day from home, then my location doesn't matter except for the weekly groceries. :) But as long as you're young and also like to do regular visits to friends and family, it can be very annoying to live in such a place. In my situation it would always be hard to convince people to come visit me (although my house was bigger than most of my friends), which meant either skipping on social events or driving a lot to go to them all the time. :/

It wasn't really willingly, mostly because of job changes or the places we were renting were really shitty and we were already trying to look for something better while we were in another place. You made me think about the amount haha.
#1 We moved in together while I was a college student and he was working, to a city inbetween his work and my college.
#2 We moved to a better apartment in the same city.
#3 We moved to the other side of the country for a new job opportunity.
#4 We bought a house in the same area as #3 and moved into there.
And then #5 was transporting all the goods to Finland storage unit and a small bit to the temporary apartment, with the upcoming #6 being the move to our permanent apartment.

I already started collecting when I was living with my parents, so for some of my figures this will be the 7th time they are getting moved. ^^'' Moving so much is really expensive and a strain on body and mental health as well, so I really hope that our next place will be more permanent. We are both working very nice jobs with lots of opportunities in our career fields, so I hope this is "it" now. ^^

I think I'm only really nostalgic about the city I grew up in, the places my husband and I lived at were not so good for different reasons (one was a super busy city with high crime rate and the other was the one in the middle of nowhere we talked about). I am very excited about the place we are living in now in Finland, though! :)

What about you, you moved around as well or mainly still living around the area you grew up in?

One of my old coworkers was Macedonian and she always told me so much wonderful stories about it, that was what inspired me to go to there someday as well. :) It looks like this really interesting combination of the weather and culture being a combination of East-European with Greece. :)

Thank you! I'm typing this right now with a really worn out body because we spend all day cleaning in the new apartment, tomorrow another day of cleaning incoming... X_X But we hope to have the movers next weekend, so we really need it cleaned asap!

I feel like I'm rambling so much about myself, anything happened in your life recently? Except for the Corona craze. ^^''
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Thank you I’ll keep my eye on those companies.

I’M SO GLAD I FOUND A BRS AS OBSESSED AS I AM!!! I actually had no idea there was 3D animation- it was that good for it’s time. All the characters are just so beautiful and ahh the story of Yuu, Mato, Kagari and Yomi was so beautiful. Kagari/Chariot is my favourite, because... evil loli.

I would love to discuss the show more with you, you can direct message me if you’d like!!! :0
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I’m heavily considering playing Nekopara now, but like you I’m also trying to finish all the anime I’ve started! Black Rock Shooter being one... I’m obsessed.

And yesss, I want those so bad (the first lewd but so cute really)-
especially the bunny suit Vanilla- she looks so adorable! And if she had real clothes that would make it much more amazing.
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