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i dont use this account anymore check out pt.myfigurecoll...



Amiyami7 anos atrás#1558264Thank you so much! * u*
no problem. and hey, sorry i'm not on much anymore.
i had a bunch of friends on here who i loved talking to but i kinda lost contact
with them after a while because i don't collect much anime merch anymore,,,

i usually just collect stuff from other cartoons now haha,,,
7 anos atrás
Darkreana7 anos atrás#1558060Happy birthday!! :>
Thank you so much! * u*
7 anos atrás
Darkreana7 anos atrás#1539320Happy birthday!! I'm sorry we haven't talked in a while, i don't go on this website too much anymore,,

Thank you!
No problem, don't worry about it :)
Are you still collecting figures or..?
7 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! ^^
7 anos atrás
Darkreana8 anos atrás#1093484This one here ITEM #97792
Mind showing me pictures of your new dolls? O:

Ciel? How cute. <:]

Sure, I uploaded some pictures of them.
8 anos atrás
Darkreana8 anos atrás#1091059Eh, I'm not really focusing on getting many anime figures right now. Although I did get a plushie the other day. What kinda dolls did you get? :)
Plushie? Which?
I've got Isul Midnight Deja Vu (Got him at the beginning of June, but did not updated my collection), Isul Apollo (Same about update, got him at the beginning of July) and Pullip Dorothy (Got her one week ago).
8 anos atrás
Darkreana8 anos atrás#1090875I'm doing good as well. :)
How's your collecting been going?

Great, I've got some new dolls. How about you?
8 anos atrás
Darkreana8 anos atrás#999432Hi! How are you? :0
Well, hello. I am fine, how about you?
8 anos atrás
Darkreana8 anos atrás#1054218Happy early birthday! <333
Aw, thank you, hun! <3 <3 <3
8 anos atrás
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