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For my collection, i am focusing on getting
Huke related items.

It was once my goal to have the most complete BRS Collection in the western world, but i think MONEV has beaten me to the punch thanks to my year of Hiatus!



I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
7 anos atrás
Hi Dizeh !

How are you ?
Are you still interested by my 'red stuff' ?
8 anos atrás
Little late on my part, but thanks for the feedback. I hope you have a nice b-day, with a good amount of R&R ;)
8 anos atrás
Dizeh8 anos atrás#1517609>EvilMingDoctor is selling his collection
I did a sad, man :(
Wait a second, does that mean you're going to be selling that sweet, sweet Alter Aegis?
*Perks up*

It does mean that, but unfortunately it has been sold along with a lot of other things a while back :(.

I still have the aegis cospa figures though
8 anos atrás
Hi Dizeh !

No no, the red stuff is still there.
I saw you've got the Visual Works two weeks ago, congratulations !
I stopped there about 1 year. At the end, I realized that my shopping didn't provide me as much pleasure so I stopped. I was able to buy more useful things, so "no regret".

Dizeh8 anos atrás#1537228Just saw you're selling. Am assuming the red stuff is gone?
Will keep checking back as im already broke this month~!
Shame to see the collection go Nuage :<
8 anos atrás
Hey man thanks for the comment :D I'm looking forward to getting a bit more active here and learning a lot. I hope we can get along :)
8 anos atrás
Dizeh8 anos atrás#1536968Daha i know the feeling! Had some moving shiznit where the comedy poster currently but it just seemed too much. Tempted to drop the falling flower petals as well as they're probably getting to be a bit much.
Holy hell dawg you've made some serious database additions

Layouts are a bitch loool always need updating! I add the crap outta Pokemon that's for sure... It keeps me busy tbh man!
8 anos atrás
Dizeh8 anos atrás#1536957Yo! Didn't know you were on here haha. Just love the gif~

Yo man! I didn't know you were here either, you have some cool merch! and i find it hard to limit myself to the three gifs i have ;4;
8 anos atrás
Hey man :D Saw you on Stife's page! Thought i'd FR ya :D
8 anos atrás
Dizeh8 anos atrás#1520922I am a ghost, a faint whisper, the shadow in the background. Here to purchase more figs and rare merchandise. Speaking of which i've pretty much splurged this entire months paycheck on rare items hehe.
Thought i'd reacquaint myself with the people from my friends list after what has been a pretty annoying year for figure collecting.
You're still as obsessed with Kyouko i see! Best to give it up man, everyone knows shes totally got the hots for Sayaka ;P

Always fun to splurge on rare stuff when you can :3. What even happened over the last year, I don't recall you ever saying? To be fair there wasn't actually that much of interest over the last year anyway, only grabbed three scales and a few trading figures myself on the figure front.

Of course! She's totally adorbs. I only have 6 figures of her at the moment anyway, although there's another 3 I have on order (and a wallscroll), plus another two I'm looking at getting on Mandarake soon. There's also a Mami, a Madoka and a Sayaka I'm looking for though, so it's not all Kyouko, just mostly.

KyouSaya is my OTP anyway, they kinda need each other. I don't even ship anything, this is an exception to the rule because it's just supposed to be that way :D.
8 anos atrás
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