• Thank you so much! Your Fumo collection is impressive, I hope I can have one like that someday. ^__^
    1 ano atrás
    Thank you! ^^ It took a looong time to find as many of those older figures as I have, but I love those two series a lot so it's worth it :P
    3 anos atrás
    Happy Birthday !! \(^O^)/
    Hope you'll continue your comics !! *^*
    4 anos atrás
    Thanks for the FR!
    5 anos atrás
    thx, I'm jealous of your Touhou collection!
    5 anos atrás
    Drathfox5 anos atrás#2882009Lovely artwork, keep it up!

    Thank you so much! http://i.imgur.com/YH0J2Be.gif
    5 anos atrás
    Holy crap I'm late!! >_<
    Happy Birthday!! :D
    Wish you had an Amazing day!! *\(^O^)/*
    5 anos atrás
    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!!
    5 anos atrás
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!
    5 anos atrás
    Happy Birthday


    Enjoy this day

    5 anos atrás
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