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Kind old for this Australian Aboriginal surfer who has become land-locked, so evaporated into the world of Japanese anime andnow spending all a my money (like the song) on anime figures ^_^
Still kind miss surfing though like in a huge way ;_;
Bleach but Movie would be Napoleon Dynamite!
The Book Of Genji
Not a game player
1960/70 Rock Jazz Soul
Leica SLR (non digital)


Katto SHSL Magical Girl
Eddieteetree (5 anos atrás) #1796733I hope you don't mind me chiming Katto but I go to Japan as I have a good mate there (in Kumamoto)
But I know Tokyo pretty much ans I just wanted to mention that you shouldn't miss a t least one of the Mandarake shops! Also in Harajuku was an awesome shop for Nartos favorite meal. So popular you will have to line up. Also don't miss Nara easy train ride from Kyoto. The temples plus feeding the deer in the park is a blast. Safe trip :-)
Haha, I don't mind at all.
I'm actually going to about 4-5 Mandarakes on my trip :P So don't worry, I've got shopping covered.
It's my first time going, but my partner has been before, so we already have full itinerary ^_^
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Hi ^^
I wrote under Shirashoshi Entry too;
And it was quite easy to sell, I only annouced it here on MFC, so its not that difficult to sell One Piece Figures (It is a very popular Series tough, and some of the figures are really hunted by collectors).
And the Luffy was removeable :) you can put everything else on her hand!
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Eddieteetree (6 anos atrás) #1100754Hey man, seeing your post about One Piece I'm just saying that I put a comment in the club 5 mins ago.
Would like to hear your thoughts about what I asked.


Thanks for your comment.

Regarding your question: As you can see we have many statues from the series Portrait of Pirates by Megahouse. They are fantastic and I would not give away any one of them.

Are you on Facebook? If you like, add me as a friend. There I have a complete photo album of our collection. You'll see that all together absolutely not look boring. ^^ www.facebook.co...

I am a very avid collector of the series and can recommend it highly enough.

Sure, there are sometimes problems with the statues.. Bonneys braces for example. Or now the thing with Shirahoshi.. I've heard from several people that Shirahoshi has errors in her painting. A friend has a problem with his Rob Lucci. Hattori always falls down because of the magnet in Lucci shoulder, it doesn't seem to be strong enough. But I didn't have this problem, my Rob Lucci is perfectly fine.

But despite all, the figures are just great. By and large, the workmanship is excellent. I could praise more than grumble. And that's why small mistakes can be forgiven. ^^

Tell me then, how you decide. :)

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OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Eddieteetree (6 anos atrás) #1025740Stargazer (or is it Ohno's?), you have a very pretty collection. How does Kenshin fit though? Was he an impulse buy?
That was my profile, so Thank you!
Sorry, I don't actually own Kenshin. ^^; PICTURE #471104 Is an "official shot", meaning it's from the manufacturer.
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/_\ Thanks guys. I already got ahard to find figure because of someone's generous post!
Very happy otaku ;D
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Welcome to the board!
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Hi ! Welcome to you ^.^
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Welcome to the board Eddieteetree! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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