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Hi to all, if anyone see a figure caught there eye in my collection then please pm me for pricing cause am trying to sell some of my impulse buy from before XD I try to give u a fair price, thank you for looking...

Well what can I say... I'm a anime figure collector, just started summer 2018, as a kid I always want to buy figure but never had the money to do so.. "continued to building my dream anime figure collection " all figures are never open and sealed in there boxes!!! Always and forever NEW!!!

P.S. there still some figures on order I haven't upload yet, just need time to do it so Please come back and check for update... "I will be give out free Bishoujo figure out when the time is right" please feel free to leave a comment or review... thank you for visiting... (" more update coming soon “)

If u have any question please feel free to ask and thank you...

If u read this far then I guess i will share a Secret with you that currently I’m searching/hunting for the top 1% best figure(each year) to collect...


have no space to display figures I own, first dust issue & sun light fade them so only option for now is a storage unit(auto climate control), til I get some Moducase but had no space to put them, working on a buying a house(more updates)


Thank you, that sounds great!
1 dia atrás
Hey looking to contact you about a figure you have for sale, but your inbox is full. Will msg you when it's open =)
1 dia atrás
Thanks! <3 My birthday is on the 25th tho...
but anyway, how do you know my birthday?
3 dias atrás
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
Thank you for the birthday wishes!~
8 dias atrás
Great seller, thank you!
15 dias atrás
Your inbox is full :)
19 dias atrás
Evomo21 dias atrás#100810447Hi, I wish u a happy birthday!!! May ur wish come true, and have a awesome birthday party…You are a day to early. Thank you very much nonetheless XD
20 dias atrás
Amazing seller - communicative and quick to ship! My figure arrived safely. Thank you again!
22 dias atrás
Thank You so much again Awesome seller and very Friendly ! Will definitely work with you and get you whatever you need A+++ !:)
1 mês atrás
Responsive Seller, Honest, and Understanding. 5 Star rating all across the board.
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