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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.
"H8 U Giv' Lil' Infants F***s Everybody!"
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Avid Nendoroid breeder. Back in Korea, we used to breed the top-quality Nendoroid by sacrificing the best-known resources, known as "the wallet". I still crossbreed them once in a while, just not as frequently as I used to anymore.

Account is shared with my spouse, so you may see some things that you feel out of place, though our taste is pretty similar in lot of cases;

Updating as I go.


I noticed that you logged in a month ago. And in the event you do log in again, I still want my things or my $4 back please.
1 ano atrás
Hi there, I saw your advertisement on this page ITEM #333178 and saw that you are selling both the Touken Ranbu Giga and the Kenran Zuroku artbook. Though I am only interested in buying the Giga one since I already have a copy of the other one. Is there by any chance you still have it available? I would have sent you a private message but it looks like your inbox is full.
2 anos atrás
Hi I am interested in this item ITEM #109920 . Are you still selling it? I realized it was a really old post lol. It says your inbox is full so I posted here instead.
3 anos atrás
Hello, I realized I completely spaced posting here but I am still waiting to hear from you on the items I requested from the Surugaya go.
3 anos atrás
I'm also wondering about the same order as the person below... I haven't heard anything about shipping. :\
3 anos atrás
Hello, just wondering if you have an update for the Suruga-Ya GO 09/2017 club/618/discus... I didn't receive a shipping PM from you yet.

3 anos atrás
Hello, trying to get in touch vis-a-vis the Piyopiyo strap but your inbox is full.

Kind regards,
4 anos atrás
Your inbox is full again ~ were you able to solve it?
4 anos atrás
FoolyDooly4 anos atrás#25623377I think I was missing one last year too. For me some of the fun is hoping I get something, and also seeing someone post my gifts. I should stop sending them out so late, though (I usually end up sending out AFTER Christmas >.>) I got some interesting item last year and I don't regret participating in SS.
If anything, do high tier that probably would have less chance of you getting grinched. I generally end up doing many poorfag tier just to gift out, and I do highest tier because I can afford to :3 (did 4 poorfag and 1 50 1 75 and 1 150+ think it was

Aw one year I had to send my presents out late because I was in the hospital and couldn't finish wrapping the presents (got them out to where they get them a day after X-mas), but it is true that opening your gifts on X-mas and posting is a collective group celebration and everyone's "feelin' it". I at least tried to draw something and post online for my recipients so they at least got a gift on X-mas. I try to get as much as I can before sending them out, so I'm normally like RIGHT on the deadline for UPS to ship to make it to X-mas.
I don't regret either, but eh, like I said. I normally do like one 25$ and one $50 and one $75 and I think that's the highest I've ever gone. I like shifting around the amounts to open up more options, and feel like it's a bad idea to drop it all on a like $100+ since normally the stuff I ask for is to support my keychain collection or small items. But the probability does seem more likely that the bracket doesn't grinch as much...
I'll probably ask to see the numbers from last year before and see to make my decision. In all honesty, I'd rather just contact all the people I've met through it and make cute things for them instead haha.
4 anos atrás
FoolyDooly4 anos atrás#25599203Can't wait for this year's SS.
Dunno if I wanna do it this year; I got grinched last year and while I had fun putting my recipients presents together, it seems like the connection I used to get from previous years just isn't there anymore for me. The beginning years I actually kind of made friends from it, but I didn't get any contact last year other than really simple thank yous. Did you have a good last year?
4 anos atrás
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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